Scheme of Work

The Biomimicry Design Process is divided into four phases. There is a short video on the NatEnt platform here to explain the process, or you could download the diagram below.

Natural Entrepreneurs is designed to be delivered through a mixture of class-based and online learning.

  • Class-based learning is used to carry out research and prepare information.
  • The NatEnt Platform is used for sharing research and data, and for interacting with other Teams using the platform – to encourage colaboration over competition.

The Scheme of Work breaks the process down into 10 sessions and is accompanied by a PowerPoint. We encourage you to adapt both the Scheme of Work and PowerPoint to suit your needs. Also, check out the Top Tips from teachers.

The Scheme of Work references worksheets which can be used to help structure tasks.

Team Points

As Teams progress through the platform, they will receive points for completing different tasks. Teams can receive points for their own work and commenting on others. This encourages Teams to collaborate and share to be successful. When Teams complete an action, it results in points being awarded. These are shown in the platform and added to the Team total. Points are awarded for:

  • Entering data into Tasks.
  • Appreciating the work of others.
  • Commenting on the work of others.
  • Adding resources to The Commons.
  • Setting up a Team profile.
  • Selecting their Topic and Challenge.

Administration and setting up Teams

As a Teacher, you will be able to add Teams to the Platform on behalf of your school. You will also be able to moderate any content uploaded by Teams. We have created a guide for how to do this.