Additional Resources

There is an increasing range and depth of biomimicry resources online. The recommendations below align with the Natural Entrepreneurs approach to biomimcry and are suitable for students to use as well.

Biomimicry Toolbox – a comprehensive description of the Biomimicry Design Process. It is an excellent resource to understand the details of the process and includes some teaching ideas.

Ask Nature – the key resource for inspiration from nature and human design examples inspired by nature. Includes specific pages for educators.

Think Biomimicry – a general resource for biomimicry, including a good selection of video links, training and education tool.

Tapping into Nature – a well researched and detailed list of biomimicry examples divided into easy to search categories.

Nature Cards – a downloadable set of playing cards which help inspire student thinking about design inspired by nature.

Zygote Quarterly – a beautifully presented online magazine exploring biomimicry. Lots of inspiration.

Natural Entrepreneurs Influences and Learning Approaches

This document reviews the different concepts, policies and pedagogies which lie behind Natural Entrepreneurs. It will be of interest to researchers and educators who might wish to learn from and repeat the Natural Entrepreneurs experience.